Malinda Gagnon, Founder & Teacher

I’m Malinda. My practice is Yogamoto. Yogamoto is all about being present and living life to its fullest. I teach classes and workshops in Bethel, Maine and wherever I have the opportunity to travel.

I have been doing yoga since I was a kid, playing around with poses on the living room floor with my mom. I started taking classes in high school. I have earned my 200 hour certification and love sharing yoga with my students.​

Studio Location

75 Main Street, Bethel, ME 04217​
Classes are held in the annex of the United Methodist Church on Main Street in Bethel, across from the grocery store.
Enter directly at the right side of the building (walk to the back). You may also enter at the front of the building and walk straight back (through 3 rooms) until you get to the yoga studio.
You may park along the street.

What Does Yogamoto Mean?

I'm Malinda, the founder of Yogamoto. “What does Yogamoto mean?” you may ask. Good question! In short, it’s my yoga practice that I want to share. The name’s definition also explains how yoga can bring a great gift to our lives.

Yoga means Union. Wholeness. Oneness.
Moto means Origin in Japanese and Movement in Italian.
Yogamoto is oneness with our origin and our movement.
It’s becoming centered in the core of ourselves, our true selves, as we move through the crazy hustle and bustle that is life.

Moto for me, is also my motorcycle. What does motorcycling have to do with yoga? It challenges me to bring yoga into action - to be fully present in the moment with single focus while the world is whizzing by. That’s the most fun (and safest) way to ride and really drink up each second on the bike.

In all our activity, we’re challenged to keep our mind’s focused and clear, and keep our bodies healthy. If we can do these things, we will be our true selves (our best selves), and be more content.

​Yoga belongs in our daily lives. It’s not just on the mat. It’s not just when we meditate. With practice, it comes into our crazy, hectic, beautiful, everyday lives. It helps us live our lives to the fullest.

I hope I have the opportunity to share yoga with you sometime.

Yours truly,